Friday, August 01, 2014

No...No...No Navigator pivots.

Like Consuela from Family Guy I have to say ' pivots" a little to much lately.

Back in 2010 we did this

Lincoln Navigator running board pivot

It worked really well. We made just the one set and the machinist friend keep the CAD file since he did all the design work. Well, he actually got someone else to do the design work and that person has the file. That is the issue I have. I no longer have access to that file or the machine shop that cut the pivots for me. I've tried, and tried, and tried but no go. I've explained we could sell each pivot for say 3-400 bucks easily but pivots.

Every month or so I get a email or phone call from someone with this problem. A rotted out pivot on the running board and each person I have to explain the situation too.

So...maybe seeing this post when people are searching for the pivot they'll realize I can't help any longer. I can say though, take the pivot off, go find a competent machine shop and tell them to build you a pair. You'll spend some bucks but you'll have the pivot, but make sure you keep the CAD file, or at least get your hands on a copy. Don't make the mistake I did when I figured they would want to make a little money doing these.