Monday, July 11, 2011

Art Car

For the upcoming Mazo Fun Dayz car show Troy and I are donating our 320i BMW to become a "Art Car". What is that you ask? Here is a nice link to explain it all but if you'd rather not travel around looking what we are basically doing is this. We sand down all the paint on the Bimmer. Then tape off anything we don't want painted and after that let any kid 12 and under have at it. They can paint whatever they want with the paint we will supply them. Of course we will have a "Sponsored by Willie's Repair" sign and try as much as we can to get a few new customers from the idea.

It will actually be the first car show I will be attending this Summer. With the kids at the age they are now sports for them has taken precedent over my fun.

Here is the before, can't wait to see the after.


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