Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The '57 Is Out The Door.....Finally

I really wish I would have had this car done sooner but circumstances be as they were. It wasn't. My little mishap with my right arm really set things back but it is now ready to rock and roll.

What is in it? A 383CID stroker motor from Blueprint Engines. Edelbrock Performer Intake, Carb and then a Spectre CAI kit. Of course painted up in Chevy "Red" and dressed up with a little chrome here and there. It feels stronger than the engine that was in there as it should. That was just a regular old 350 with a set of "camel hump" heads and a older Edelbrock intake.

Friday, June 03, 2011

Are the Hoon's Dying?

If no one understands what a Hoon is here is a good definition. There is also where all things Hoon is celebrated.

I'm wondering if Hoon's are dying?" The kind of person who doesn't trust the catalog, computer or what is written in stone at the parts houses. The kind of car nut that loves learning as much as possible about their automotive passion. The kind of person who always wonders "will this work?" They won't wonder "Can I make this fit." They will wonder "How much Beer will be drank coming up with the plan to make it fit?" They will never say never for the automotive world. Anything is possible if you spend enough time and energy to make it happen.

I've been battling a dip stick. Haha, not myself. A actual Oil Dip Stick for the '57 Chevy engine swap that I am finally coming to completion on. The frustration mounts when you take different era parts and equipment and try to mold them into one. The engine is a "after '86" when they went to a one piece rear main. This is also later than '87 because it has the valve cover bolts in the center. It is a fresh build, 383 stroker motor from Summit.

I've made attempts to get a dipstick locally to no avail. It is frustrating when they just look at the catalog and say. "no". I tried and tried to explain to the last place I called that I had to have the smaller dipstick tube that fit that late '80's and early '90's SBC. They guaranteed this one would work because it worked it their SBC. "Is yours a late '80's early '90's?" The answer; "No, but I know it will work, it says fits '79-'91. "

I even started giving them applications for the era that I knew would have the dipstick I need. "No, don't have it, special order." "No, don't have it, warehouse would ship in 7 days." Arrrgh, one dip stick tube that no one can get easily.

Grrrrr....I finally bit the bullet knowing I would regret the '79 to '91. I knew it wouldn't fit but he guaranteed it!

So here is why the pictures are in. To the far left is the one that was in the old block. In the middle is the one that was guaranteed to fit. As you can see I got mad and tried to make it fit. Then calmed down and walked away for awhile. All the while bitching that again, someone didn't listen to me. There is a difference in the dipstick holes on SBC's.

Finally there is the one on the right. I went to the steel dumpster out back with a hammer and side cutters and yanked out the dipstick that was in a 4.3L from '92. I knew it would work because the 4.3L shared much in design as the SBC engines for that year. Just two cylinders looped off.

If you look close, see that orange paint? That is where it slide right in snug as a bug and is ready to rock and roll. I hooned it in.

So is the Hoon dead? Are to many guys just looking at the screen and thinking. "the computer says so, it must be fact" instead of maybe playing around with different applications? Researching a little? Ask the old Hoon in the corner who has BTDT?

I will openly admit I am as much to blame for my fiasco as the next guy. I had a part number squared away and should have pressed for it to be ordered. I just tried to get it locally. Tried to make it easier, cheaper. I know better. I really do. Anyway, I have a dipstick that fits. I'm getting this car fired off later and will post up some results of my work next week.

I didn't give up, I finally just said I'd make something fit. I want to see this car Hooned.