Thursday, April 21, 2011

RUKNK-4 Is Ready

Saturday is coming up fast and the RUKNK-4 is ready to deploy. The group that shoots with us put a lot of effort into getting it ready and put up with my whining, complaining, bitching and moaning like champs. About all I have been good for the last six weeks. Hopefully next week we will have some nice video of the vehicle in action.

Other news, the cast on my right arm is off and now starts the process of building some strength and dexterity back into it. Through the last six weeks the pain slowly subsided and now it is a sharp, stabbing pain if I move my arm in the wrong direction. Doctor expects me to be on light duty for another month or so. This likely means my Saturday will consist of watching everyone else have fun.

Work has been tough to get back into. The load is increasing and keeping pace with it has been difficult because I am still using one arm. I can lift about a pound, maybe two depending on the angle my arm is pointed. Hopefully next Friday when they check me out they won't freak and want to re-cast or cut it open to fix any damage that didn't heal correctly.

Oh well, back to the old "Two speeds, don't like this one you'll hate the next one."

Monday, April 11, 2011

Almost Finished

Progress continued and the "tank" started coming together. It now has a name. "RUKNK-4" which stands for, Ruland, Kindschi and Kindschi 4. This being the fourth tank we have fielded on our farm for games. Almost coming up on its debut and this damn cast being removed from my arm. One week left on the cast!