Wednesday, March 30, 2011

More Tank

Things progressed quickly on the "Stryker" or "BDRM"(side dependent) as the work started. It became obvious to us all that this would not be a Heavy Tank that was extremely tough and unable to be taken down with light weapons but it would be a Armored Fighting Vehicle. This gives the Infantry fighting it a chance.

Rear decking and framing are up and the choice for the gun turret was made. A old Gumball machine that Dan sourced years ago and stored in the Barn with the intention of one day using it for a Paintball Tank.

More to come with final pictures in April and video footage after it debuts on April 23rd.

Monday, March 21, 2011

So What Is Going On?

Not much on the custom car front. With one arm my fun has been cut right down but I have been slowly getting ready for a fun year of Paintball. You ask how that has anything to do with the shop and auto world? How about a S-10 pickup turning into a paintball tank? I've been mostly standing around, pointing and suggesting what guys should be doing, running my mouth and letting others spend time, blood, sweat and tears on the project. Players who play with us at the farm have put in most the effort. Kurt and Mike doing a pretty large amount of that work.

More pics of the Tank as the days go on, I'm not going to blow the whole wad in one post.

Cast comes off April 18th...Paintball on the 23rd and hopefully no cast on the 24th ;)

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

One Armed Bandit

At least it was my right arm....Dad is picking up the slack as I am now on injured reserve. About all I am good for is holding a test light, Scan Tool work, Phone calls and office work. I'm already going stir crazy.