Friday, February 04, 2011

The Best Intentions

Sometimes people have them. The best intentions, but sometimes they just end in failure. This picture above is a example. A remote start system that from the looks of it was a nice install. Until I peeled the yellow tape back. Wire loosely wrapped around wire. A intermittent electrical gremlin waiting to occur. Which it was, random no starts with the remote and with the key in the ignition and trying it the normal way. Still confirming I don't have any other ghosts hidden but I think squaring away the wiring will solve the issues.

Still, good intentions. I used to wire like this, loooong ago in my high school days putting speakers in trunks. Just twist 'em up and go. Then always go back to fix the problems caused when bumps and vibration start loosening things up. Lesson learned then for me, hopefully to be learned for this owners installing techniques.


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