Tuesday, December 21, 2010


A few incidents today that make me go "Sigh..."

Incident number one. "My check engine light is on and flashing." I explain this is the ECU letting the driver know a severe misfire in one or more cylinders is detected. The customer explains it can't be because they had all the plugs and wires and coils changed previously. I then explained I never said it was that, but that you do have a misfire and if you would like I could look into the issue. "But the breathalyzer device is on, you can't start and stop the engine all the time."

Call me when it is off, I can't get those things to operate with my Asthma...Sigh...

A phone call and a girl upset that the tire she brought in last week for me to mount on a rim has a sidewall cut now. I explained to bring it down and I will see if she needs a new tire or rim since she drove on it flat....Sigh

A Silverado which has a check engine light on. The owner said "a parts place" checked the code and told him to replace the Oxygen Sensor. I asked "Which one, there is four." and he replied he didn't know. I visually inspected the truck after seeing four different codes for the Bank 1 Sensor 2 Oxygen sensor.

Fix some chewed up wiring and goodtogo.....Sigh.

The last, up to the point of posting this today, was a phone call from a local DIY'er.

"I have a brake hose burst, I replaced it but the bleeder won't come loose on the caliper. Can I bring it up right now?"

I explained my racks were full of cars that needed finishing. I could easily get it in the morning or on Thursday.

He replied. "But I'll pay you if I can have you do it today!"

Oh, of course, if you'll pay me I'll be right on it......Sigh...


At 2:51 PM, Blogger William said...

Rough day, Willie. Hope Christmas and New Years cheer ya up.
Wishing ya Merry Mayhem and Happy Hysteria!
Roy in Yuma!


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