Tuesday, November 02, 2010

October didn't happen

What the hell happened? Yes. I skipped October. I really had nothing automotive to think about or even discuss.

The typical work, work, family, work, screw off, drink beer, work, beer. That was about it.

I did miss LeMon's in Chicago. I totally missed it. I really wanted to go but the whole situation didn't work out. Money, family, life. Hell, It just wasn't something I could pull off with two kids, wfie , house and the shop and stuff. It makes me realize it will be a long time before I take my hopes of racing serious. Not that am giving it up. I just know I can't do that when there are other things to focus on.

I am going to try and focus some posts on anything automotive I can think of. Anyhoo. I'm not dead so don't give up on me!


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