Thursday, November 04, 2010

Buh-Bye Train

Today it was announced that the "high speed rail" from Milwaukee to Madison is "on hold". What should have been reported is the "slow speed rail" is "done".

This project never made sense from the beginning. One, we don't have the Population for it. Two, we wouldn't be able to fund it without raising taxes, or fees, or hoping rainbows crap dollar bills. And three, we don't have the Population for it. Oh wait, said that once already.

Some links for your reading.

Local News says the project is on hold

But once you read this link below you can see the writing on the wall. The incoming Representative from Florida will be redirecting the money where it is needed.

Bye-bye Train.


At 10:27 AM, Anonymous Scott Martin said...

What you need in Mazo is high speed rail! That way yous can drinks all the beers you want and ride the train instead of getting stuck in the marsh. We were in the marsh area yesterday looking for ellusive pheasants. As dry as I've ever seen it, and yes you could still get stuck! No beers though... next time we will stop by Willie's repair and see if he has any beer. Long time no see! (your old carquest rep) Scott Martin


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