Friday, August 06, 2010

Yes I am still alive

Yes, I did skip a few weeks there. In my defense it has been pretty much a mad house in my life at the shop and home. Every day, every weekend, we have something going on and there isn't much time for me lately it seems. Sure, that is selfish but a guy has to have some down time once in awhile or his head will explode.

The Mazo Fun Days Car show was on July 31st. Yes, we managed to make it down there with a few cars. Everything was pretty much the same as last year, car count, food, drinks, nice temperatures and a great crowd. I was pleased to see some different cars show up this year. Also pleased with the trophies handed out to the winners. I can't be sure if I have pictures of the three that won but there was a Yellow Ford Coupe that scored the early era trophy. A Ford Retractable that won the 50-70's era and a Buick Grand National that won the 70's to present class.

On another note, Wipps changed up there cruise night in Mazo and it is now the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month. This past August 4th was the night and the car count was down. Not sure if that is because the car show was just the last weekend or people weren't ready for the change.


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