Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Black Earth Car Show

Saturday took us to Black Earth Field Days and the Car show which is put on by the New Heights Lutheran Church Men's League. A buddy of mine organizes the show so I volunteered to help where I could. Basically park cars and point people in the right direction. This show used to be a week earlier but the Field Days Organizers wanted the show to join up with them. It was put on at the Little League Baseball diamond along Park Street in Black Earth. About a block or two from the Field Day festivities. There was a Kickball tournament going on also so we had something to watch other then each others cars. The weather finally was decent. Cloudy and not so humid until about 2ish in the afternoon. Then the humidity shot back up when the Sun came out. Overall a good show and I am glad it is in its new location. The Church parking lot which was used in years past was ok, but this location allows for the show to expand.

Brock fell in love with Rich Carlson's Improved Touring VW which is pictured below

About Noon, more cars showed later in the day bringing the count to about 35-40.


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