Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Wipp's Last Wed

Wipp's Cruise Night was last weeks adventure, as usual. A lower than normal turn out but a few new vehicles from out of town showed up to say "Hello". There was even a Power Wheel that came by to show itself off. I jest, I really do. It was a interesting vehicle to look over and in certain instances I'm sure very economical for the owner.

It is actually a Mega built by Columbia Parcar Corp out of Reedsburg Wisconsin. Just a hour or so North of Mazo. All electric, 30mph EV that the owner bought to save on gas, or so he said to me. Maybe he had a little "tongue in check" when he said it.


I know the owner and he is a really nice guy. He also has a pretty large collection of very nice cars that many would wish for. Yes, it will diminish your fuel bill driving the Mega but at a price tag of 20K that works out to about 6,666 gallons of fuel you could buy otherwise, if gas stays at $3 a gallon (most he owns run high test) so you have to run that Mega a long time. If you get 10mpg average doesn't that work out to about 66,660 mile of driving to break even on the cost of the Mega, not including insurance and maintenance costs? So just say it like it is, it is a toy to play with and show off. Which is cool as hell in my book. No reason not to have more toys, right?

I was just glad he didn't say he was saving the planet. The Green Zombie movement just makes me nuts some days.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Black Earth Car Show

Saturday took us to Black Earth Field Days and the Car show which is put on by the New Heights Lutheran Church Men's League. A buddy of mine organizes the show so I volunteered to help where I could. Basically park cars and point people in the right direction. This show used to be a week earlier but the Field Days Organizers wanted the show to join up with them. It was put on at the Little League Baseball diamond along Park Street in Black Earth. About a block or two from the Field Day festivities. There was a Kickball tournament going on also so we had something to watch other then each others cars. The weather finally was decent. Cloudy and not so humid until about 2ish in the afternoon. Then the humidity shot back up when the Sun came out. Overall a good show and I am glad it is in its new location. The Church parking lot which was used in years past was ok, but this location allows for the show to expand.

Brock fell in love with Rich Carlson's Improved Touring VW which is pictured below

About Noon, more cars showed later in the day bringing the count to about 35-40.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Loud Pipes for Friday

Something loud for Friday, that is all.

Friday, August 06, 2010

Yes I am still alive

Yes, I did skip a few weeks there. In my defense it has been pretty much a mad house in my life at the shop and home. Every day, every weekend, we have something going on and there isn't much time for me lately it seems. Sure, that is selfish but a guy has to have some down time once in awhile or his head will explode.

The Mazo Fun Days Car show was on July 31st. Yes, we managed to make it down there with a few cars. Everything was pretty much the same as last year, car count, food, drinks, nice temperatures and a great crowd. I was pleased to see some different cars show up this year. Also pleased with the trophies handed out to the winners. I can't be sure if I have pictures of the three that won but there was a Yellow Ford Coupe that scored the early era trophy. A Ford Retractable that won the 50-70's era and a Buick Grand National that won the 70's to present class.

On another note, Wipps changed up there cruise night in Mazo and it is now the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month. This past August 4th was the night and the car count was down. Not sure if that is because the car show was just the last weekend or people weren't ready for the change.