Thursday, July 01, 2010

Mazo Finally Has A Cruise Night

It took long enough. I had people telling me to start something up but there really wasn't a location that anyone liked...until now.

Wipp's Pizza and Pub in Mazomanie on Highway 14 in the old "Club 14" building had their first Cruise Night on Wednesday night. I would like to think that Dan, Dad a few friends and I had something to do with getting him to go ahead with it. The owner had asked a few times where we went with the toys when we did show up with them in groups. We explained where, and our disgust with some of the other locations. Their attitude, prices for food and drink among other things.

So, he put a night up on the calendar and we showed. I called, emailed and posted messages to friends who I thought would be interested and damn if they didn't show up. Pizza is really good, beer is two bucks a can and the people are nice as hell.

Now it looks as though Wipp's will have a cruise night every other Wednesday night and the next one is scheduled for July 14th. See you there!


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