Monday, July 19, 2010

Brock Will Be A Rock Star

'nuff said

Friday, July 16, 2010

Ron Burgundy Killed the Red Baron

Yup, the Red Baron is gone. The '91 BMW 325i is now off to lands unknown and for it we received a fistful of Hundreds and this which was quickly dubbed "Ron" Burgundy.

We had high hopes for the 325i but I had always like the looks of the 2002 series BMW. It had a more classic style to it. So yesterday we made the trade. It is a rolling chassis, no engine or transmission along with no interior. I think, know, I made a good deal on this. The Red Baron was a great car but we made a little money on it and got this one to boot. What are the plans? Well of course it should be a race car. I doubt I'll hurry this project along. Research, research and more research first. Then slowly collect parts (some I have lined up already) and start doing some body work. It is a clean car, some spots that need rust attention but nothing that would ever scare us away.

More to come, the rest of the pictures are of Ron and Brock. Brock had to come up and start work on it right away. I think I've created a monster.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Wipp's Cruise Night,

Another Cruise Night. Double the cars this time around and some new faces and debuts for some rides. The Blue Apache in particular. Its owner just finished up this Spring and it was the first time we had seen it out and about around town. Very well done.

Friday, July 09, 2010

Get My Redneck On

Nothing says Redneck like a Demo Derby. Nothing says True Redneck like a Combine Demo Derby. Thursday night Dan and I took the kids up to the Sauk County Fair and watched some Combines destroy each other. I got a few good videos and picked one to show here. There was also a Skidsteer Soccer match which was interesting but didn't compare to Top Gears Soccer match with small cars.


Thursday, July 01, 2010

Mazo Finally Has A Cruise Night

It took long enough. I had people telling me to start something up but there really wasn't a location that anyone liked...until now.

Wipp's Pizza and Pub in Mazomanie on Highway 14 in the old "Club 14" building had their first Cruise Night on Wednesday night. I would like to think that Dan, Dad a few friends and I had something to do with getting him to go ahead with it. The owner had asked a few times where we went with the toys when we did show up with them in groups. We explained where, and our disgust with some of the other locations. Their attitude, prices for food and drink among other things.

So, he put a night up on the calendar and we showed. I called, emailed and posted messages to friends who I thought would be interested and damn if they didn't show up. Pizza is really good, beer is two bucks a can and the people are nice as hell.

Now it looks as though Wipp's will have a cruise night every other Wednesday night and the next one is scheduled for July 14th. See you there!