Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Why old things are still better.

This is why old things are better at times. The owner of the '55 Chevy I have pictured in the past stopped in at 4 pm today and handed me his brake switch. The wires had worn off and he asked if I could find one. I called two sources, they told me "no way" so he said he could order one and have it in a few days. I looked at the switch for a minute and told him "give me a few minutes" and off he went to listen to the Brewers game with my Dad.

Yup, those wires are gone.

First to take it apart. As I thought, nothing fancy. Just a pair of wires crimped in.

Some Purple wires just for my bud. Soldered in and goodtogo.

Brakes on, power will flow

Brakes off, power won't flow. Job done and suddenly our fridge has more Beer in it. Could I have done this with a newer car? Not likely, everything it seems it run off the brake switch these days. TCC release for the Trans, Shifter release, cruise shut down. On hybrids there are numerous brake controls. I even think hitting the brakes activates my wife telling me I drive like crap.

Another reason to like old stuff.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Almost Back Together

I sneak away for one weekend and Dad gets ambitious. Heads are finished and back on the Engine.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

More and More Attention

I'm missing a opportunity here. Dans Cobra is getting looks and comments everywhere he goes. I need to get him to put a shop sticker across the top of the windshield or something.

Aside from that I am taking off on a road trip with the wife this weekend. Instead of doing the usual Interstate drive I think we will run up the Mississippi to the Twin Cities and enjoy ourselves. Taking either Hwy 61 or 35 North. Troy will keep the kids and house in check for us, as usual.

Friday, April 02, 2010

QSL, start of the cruise season

A low turnout for the night. At best 20-22 cars. I never keep a accurate count of them coming and going but that wasn't my job. Dans Cobra ran great, no hiccups or surprises on the ride in or back. We left earlier than normal. Things had slowed down and cars started to disappear as darkness started to sneak up on everyone.

Thursday, April 01, 2010

Daddy, what happened to my swing?

Son, Dad needed a tank strap, now play with this stick.

This swing seat was mounted on the rear of a gas tank on a truck we serviced this week. As crazy as it looks, it is secure. I wouldn't do it myself but the owner is pleased as punch. That or he is deliberately messing with us to see out reaction. Regardless, it is funny as hell.

Off to QSL tonight. Pictures tomorrow.