Thursday, February 04, 2010

This Toyota Mess

I'm not going to dive into it with my opinion on what Toyota did or didn't do, should or should not do. It is getting beat to death in the Media and can be read almost anywhere.

What I am going to say though is this. Beware what you wish for. Right now the NHSTA, the Feds, the Media are dissecting this issue from every angle. It reminds me of a few decades ago when Ford and Firestone had their little issue with Tires.

Both situations are playing out in much the same manner. In the coming weeks you will see the Feds demand Congresional hearings. You will see Media "experts" continue to discuss the issue ( at least until the next natural disaster or pretty girl goes missing) to death.

What will happen is more Nanny State. The Feds will come up with something, much like the Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems now Federally mandated on all cars. I can't put my finger exactly on what they could do.....yet. But I'm sure it will happen.

What will it do in the end? Make every car more expensive, more complicated and cost the consumer more to buy and repair.


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