Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Flooded MATC Campus

This one is happening today, and I get to see the results of it.

Here is the News link to the story from Channel 15 in Madison. They should also have some new video's up later and on the nightly news.

Unfortunately, one of my customers cars was in that lot and you can see it in the video and online in pictures. It looks worse than it is. The interior was soaked up to the bottoms of the seat. It will take some drying and cleaning to get it back to normal. Thankfully she was a smart customer. They pushed the car out of the water and she never turned it over, tried to start it or anything. She just had it towed out to us and said "Help!"

I think we can save it, we have the technology ;)

Monday, September 14, 2009

Vintage Festival at Road America

As I mentioned quickly last week I was to be at RA for the VSCDA Vintage Festival on Sunday. The wife and I did make it there just as the last warm-up session ended and got plenty of time to tour the Paddock area, snap some pictures and then enjoy some great racing.

I don't think RA has ever disappointed me, and I expect it never will. There is just something perfect about the place that makes people want to go back again and again. Leslie also now understands why I am such a car junky and why I act the way I do. She got to witness first hand my "kid on Christmas morning" attitude for the day. Which she got a laugh out of.

Some highlight pictures if you follow the link here.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Little Update

Yes, it has been awhile but things have been slow on the auto front. The only little glimmer of fun is coming this Sunday as I and the wife will be going to Road America for the Vintage Racing.

Pictures on Monday that is for sure.

This will be a first for Leslie. She has never gone with me for a day of racing. I hope she has her walking shoes on :)

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Wheel Weight Grand Champion

I've never seen this much weight put on a wheel before. It has to be the Grand Champion in attemped balancing I've ever seen.
That is four 2.5 ounce weights and then 1.25 ounces of stick on weight. for a wonderful total of 11.25 ounces on the inside of the rim with no weights on the outside of all four. I guess they ran out of lip style with the stick on used. It was the worst of the four tires. Fronts had 3 on the RF, 7 on the LF and the RR had 10. Amazingly it doesn't have a vibration when driving but with that course of a thread, they howl something terrible at highway speeds.

No, I didn't mount and balance these tires.