Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Free Pizza!

As I mentioned yesterday. I was off this morning to the Papa John's in Verona to do three things. One, score some free Pizza. Two, to take the Camaro for a drive. And Three, to make the wife happy.

I choose the Verona Papa John's because Leslie works in Verona at Verona Vision Care. I thought what better way to make all of the lady's there happy then free lunch on my Camaro, Papa John's and Jalopnik for helping find John's Camaro. I was second there. The Silver 2000 Z-28 was first.

I did manage to get one slice and it was excellent. I can't recall ever having Papa John's. I may have but today's slice was extra special.

Hey, my Camaro can't get me laid anymore but it can get me Pizza. Almost as good. Now if I could get Miller Lite to give me free beer for painting the Camaro the same color as the Miller Lite Label I'll be in Heaven.

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