Thursday, August 13, 2009

0.30$ Makes me look the fool

This was a two part repair. Previous week the car came in
with at the time I was told a "Check Engine Light" on. After
talking with her for a few moments over the phone I
explained to drop it off and I would look at it. Once at the
shop I jumped in and low and behold it was not the SES but
the SVS light, service vehicle soon.

Only one code present, B2585, ALC Parklamp Voltage out of
range. A quick turn of the switch and nope, no lights.
Another quick check of the fuse and the #6 trunk fuse
(10amp) was burnt. I installed a fuse buddy to monitor amps
and they stayed a steady 3.5 with no issues. I left the fuse
buddy in and tried all the lights and switches and no
problem found. I placed another 10amp fuse in and took the
car for a quick drive around the lot, along the bumps in the
back by this time the SVS light was off and everything was
fine, or so I thought.

Customer picked the car up, was happy as heck and I really
didn't have a explanation for why the fuse burnt. I didn't
take it any further than I did since through the day I never
duplicated the problem.

Fast forward 5 days and a phone call with "my light is back
on" which meant I didn't do my job I was betting. Thankfully
the customer was understanding since I was honest to a fault
about not knowing why the fuse burnt the first time and if
there was another problem I'd gladly continue looking. Sure
enough, same code, same fuse burnt so I again put the fuse
buddy in and this time paid more attention. I walked around
the car with my coffee and no one bugging me and just looked
at the car. With the hood up I noticed I didn't see a
Federal Emission sticker anywhere. Red flag!, I brought it
in the shop and could start seeing some areas that had been
repainted up front. Why don't body shops put the Fed sticker
back on?

Anyways. I just started pushing, pulling and tugging
everything up front and when I pushed on the passenger
headlight assembly, the fuse buddy went nuts. I walked away,
let it stay lit and pushed other parts, no issue, then back
to the passenger light and this time I got the fuse buddy to
pop it's fuse.

hey hey, I found something.

Once the Assembly was out I could see where the wires for
the running lights were touching the body edge that was
sharp. A little rewiring and routing and I am good to go.

I really messed up the first time the car was here. You can
pick apart that to death (by all means, please do for
everyone to learn, and to explain I did no good.) but the
second time around I had my head out of my arse and am good
to go now. :)

It is always the little things that get ya.


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