Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Free Pizza!

As I mentioned yesterday. I was off this morning to the Papa John's in Verona to do three things. One, score some free Pizza. Two, to take the Camaro for a drive. And Three, to make the wife happy.

I choose the Verona Papa John's because Leslie works in Verona at Verona Vision Care. I thought what better way to make all of the lady's there happy then free lunch on my Camaro, Papa John's and Jalopnik for helping find John's Camaro. I was second there. The Silver 2000 Z-28 was first.

I did manage to get one slice and it was excellent. I can't recall ever having Papa John's. I may have but today's slice was extra special.

Hey, my Camaro can't get me laid anymore but it can get me Pizza. Almost as good. Now if I could get Miller Lite to give me free beer for painting the Camaro the same color as the Miller Lite Label I'll be in Heaven.

More on Papa John's story

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Papa John's, Camaro's and Free Pizza

If any has been following this then you are just as car crazy as I am. Papa John sold his Camaro years ago to help finance his beginning in the Pizza business. Years later, he wanted the Camaro back but couldn't find it. So the search was on.

Jalopnik explains all that is Papa John's hunt for his Camaro.

So tomorrow, at 11 am I will be firing up the 69' and taking a tour into Papa Johns in Middleton to get a free pizza. Hey, it isn't like I need a excuse to drive the Beast but if I get free Pizza for doing so, win-win I say.

Ya, I am a tad bit crazy and weird. I know.

Friday, August 21, 2009

15 Days of Cobra is over

Dan is back to Iraq and the Cobra is tucked back in storage. 500 some miles over the 15 days which is pretty good considering some of the weather he had and all the other places to see and people to do that occurred.

We did another QSL run last Thursday, this time he lead us home and it was a fun drive through some back roads between Mazo and Black Earth. We even had a 944 trying to keep pace with us. It did, in the corners. The straight a ways though, he had a tough time.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

0.30$ Makes me look the fool

This was a two part repair. Previous week the car came in
with at the time I was told a "Check Engine Light" on. After
talking with her for a few moments over the phone I
explained to drop it off and I would look at it. Once at the
shop I jumped in and low and behold it was not the SES but
the SVS light, service vehicle soon.

Only one code present, B2585, ALC Parklamp Voltage out of
range. A quick turn of the switch and nope, no lights.
Another quick check of the fuse and the #6 trunk fuse
(10amp) was burnt. I installed a fuse buddy to monitor amps
and they stayed a steady 3.5 with no issues. I left the fuse
buddy in and tried all the lights and switches and no
problem found. I placed another 10amp fuse in and took the
car for a quick drive around the lot, along the bumps in the
back by this time the SVS light was off and everything was
fine, or so I thought.

Customer picked the car up, was happy as heck and I really
didn't have a explanation for why the fuse burnt. I didn't
take it any further than I did since through the day I never
duplicated the problem.

Fast forward 5 days and a phone call with "my light is back
on" which meant I didn't do my job I was betting. Thankfully
the customer was understanding since I was honest to a fault
about not knowing why the fuse burnt the first time and if
there was another problem I'd gladly continue looking. Sure
enough, same code, same fuse burnt so I again put the fuse
buddy in and this time paid more attention. I walked around
the car with my coffee and no one bugging me and just looked
at the car. With the hood up I noticed I didn't see a
Federal Emission sticker anywhere. Red flag!, I brought it
in the shop and could start seeing some areas that had been
repainted up front. Why don't body shops put the Fed sticker
back on?

Anyways. I just started pushing, pulling and tugging
everything up front and when I pushed on the passenger
headlight assembly, the fuse buddy went nuts. I walked away,
let it stay lit and pushed other parts, no issue, then back
to the passenger light and this time I got the fuse buddy to
pop it's fuse.

hey hey, I found something.

Once the Assembly was out I could see where the wires for
the running lights were touching the body edge that was
sharp. A little rewiring and routing and I am good to go.

I really messed up the first time the car was here. You can
pick apart that to death (by all means, please do for
everyone to learn, and to explain I did no good.) but the
second time around I had my head out of my arse and am good
to go now. :)

It is always the little things that get ya.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

QSL, Thursday, Aug 6th.

Good times had by all. We got to see some friends with their rides, talk cars, and have a "spirited" drive home.

Monday, August 03, 2009

15 Days of Cobra

The Soldier returns. 15 days. Here he is off to see Mom, grab a Burger at Gordons, then go for a drive.