Thursday, July 23, 2009

Wisconsin DOT Up To No Good

The Wisconsin DOT is up to no good. The jist of the links below is they would like to throw more restrictions on 1968 and newer vehicles. Demanding they "display proper manufacturers label" making many customs or rebuilt cars unable to title.

The worst section is section 123.04 which states

"Upon application to register a vehicle, the department shall register any vehicle manufactured before 1968 for which a vehicle classification exists under ch. 341, Stats. The vehicle may be subject to equipment requirements under s. 347.02(7), Stats. and registration requirements under s. 341.268 Stats."

This basically means if your vehicle is older then 67', we want safety devices on it. What those devices are, I haven't figured out. More research needs to be done. But what does this do you ask? Well, that Rat Rod you saw at cruise night has no seat belts. Poof, it is gone. Hell, that 58 Edsel and 60' Apache we have wouldn't qualify. No wipers on your T-bucket, Poof, it is gone. You get the idea. The safety Nazi's in our state want to fiddle with our hobby a little more.

The DOT is having a hearing on July 29th at 10am at the Hills Farms State Transportation Building. room 254. I think they need to hear our complaints.


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