Wednesday, July 15, 2009

All Ford Show, Ballweg Ford

Brock and I ran up and made a day of it at the All Ford Show in Sauk City at the Ballweg Ford dealer. We took the Edsel up around 9:30 and hung out until the trophy's were presented at 1:30. Brock was a real trooper and hung in the whole time with no complaints or any outbursts. I think I have created a car monster with the kid. He had to check out and look over every car there, he even got to sit in a 1995 Penske Racing South Rusty Wallace Winston Cup car. It was the highlight of his day and he voted it, using my vote sheet, the pick of the show. It didn't win but that didn't matter to Brock, it was his favorite no matter what anyone else said. Which is the point of a car show, enjoy what you see, appreciate what you like, and have a good time.

The show was good. Lot's of Mustangs, old and new, a few Trucks, some older Fords I had not seen in awhile and then just one Merc if memory serves, I can't recall any Lincolns and then our Edsel.

No, no trophys for us, I wouldn't expect any since it isn't show quality and I didn't worry to much about getting all the bugs off the grille. Remember, we drive em' :)


At 8:45 PM, Anonymous zoomerdaily said...

I agree. The show was good.


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