Wednesday, July 08, 2009


Our batting average for finding the proper car for Troy is getting abysmal. Even though, we are not giving up. Finding the proper car does not always mean just writing a large check for what you want. Even with a small budget to work with at this time this is doable. We did it before with the 320i falling in our lap, well, two 320i's falling in our lap.

So this week it was down to Monticello for what we thought was a decent Opel GT. I should have known better then to trust just one photo as this was a good parts car, maybe, with Leno money, a restoration project but that isn't going to happen for us right now.

The craigslist photo, looks good.

The driver side photos I took when I inspected it.

Amazingly it did run and if someone wanted a good parts car this is it. The glass and most of the interior was there. A running engine and what we suspect is a ok transmission means someone could continue on a project if they had a good body. But the body on this one was just too much to deal with right now. Not with a Opel, rust is not kind to them. It may look like it has just a little bondo but if you felt around you would know there was well over a inch in some places. Pop Rivets galore on every fender and inner fender, doors, and well, everywhere.

Oh well, we will continue to swing for the fence and see if we can hit one out.


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