Friday, July 31, 2009

This will make you cry

A "Cash for Clunkers" Volvo being disabled and prepared for the crusher. This Video is hard to watch if you are a car guy. Watching a seemingly perfect engine be destroyed because the Government has deemed it "Unfit" for automotive society just makes me sick to my stomach.

Hey, don't blame me, I didn't vote for the guy. What you are now watching is a Automotive Holocaust.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Two Edsel's at once

Seeing one is something special. But two at once is really cool. Especially when the second one is a customers. A 1959 Edsel Ranger was in the shop today for a rear axle seal replacement. Great looking car that ran like a top. The owner was not from around our area but had bumped into me once day when I had the Edsel out so I guess he trusted me with working on his.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Wisconsin DOT Up To No Good

The Wisconsin DOT is up to no good. The jist of the links below is they would like to throw more restrictions on 1968 and newer vehicles. Demanding they "display proper manufacturers label" making many customs or rebuilt cars unable to title.

The worst section is section 123.04 which states

"Upon application to register a vehicle, the department shall register any vehicle manufactured before 1968 for which a vehicle classification exists under ch. 341, Stats. The vehicle may be subject to equipment requirements under s. 347.02(7), Stats. and registration requirements under s. 341.268 Stats."

This basically means if your vehicle is older then 67', we want safety devices on it. What those devices are, I haven't figured out. More research needs to be done. But what does this do you ask? Well, that Rat Rod you saw at cruise night has no seat belts. Poof, it is gone. Hell, that 58 Edsel and 60' Apache we have wouldn't qualify. No wipers on your T-bucket, Poof, it is gone. You get the idea. The safety Nazi's in our state want to fiddle with our hobby a little more.

The DOT is having a hearing on July 29th at 10am at the Hills Farms State Transportation Building. room 254. I think they need to hear our complaints.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

All Ford Show, Ballweg Ford

Brock and I ran up and made a day of it at the All Ford Show in Sauk City at the Ballweg Ford dealer. We took the Edsel up around 9:30 and hung out until the trophy's were presented at 1:30. Brock was a real trooper and hung in the whole time with no complaints or any outbursts. I think I have created a car monster with the kid. He had to check out and look over every car there, he even got to sit in a 1995 Penske Racing South Rusty Wallace Winston Cup car. It was the highlight of his day and he voted it, using my vote sheet, the pick of the show. It didn't win but that didn't matter to Brock, it was his favorite no matter what anyone else said. Which is the point of a car show, enjoy what you see, appreciate what you like, and have a good time.

The show was good. Lot's of Mustangs, old and new, a few Trucks, some older Fords I had not seen in awhile and then just one Merc if memory serves, I can't recall any Lincolns and then our Edsel.

No, no trophys for us, I wouldn't expect any since it isn't show quality and I didn't worry to much about getting all the bugs off the grille. Remember, we drive em' :)

Friday, July 10, 2009

A great story

I'm post this with the authors permission, Andrea 'Enthal, I thought it was a good read.

Today every Pontiac, Hummer, Saab, and Saturn went Edsel

I have this sinking feeling that the next time I am looking for a "modern" car, it will be one of those four that follows me home. That is unless I get stuck with a surviving Daewoo.

Just as with our Edsels in 1960, part supplies will become more and more unpredicatble.
My mechanic (who has a 1970 Dodge Challenger) says he is already seeing delays in getting parts, though he can still get them. What used to take an hour now can take a week.

I remember (in about 1967) my father forgetting that you had to order Edsel parts at a Mercury dealer. The people at the Ford dealership just stared at him with an "Ed-what?" look. They'd never heard of the car.
The people at the Mercury dealership stared too because the parts were actually at the Ford dealership, not the Mercury dealership. They could order the parts from FoMoCo, but the parts orders were rarely filled. (My father wasn't car savvy enough to get the part number from the Mercury dealership and drive over with the part number to the Ford place, and buy it by number, not part name).

I remember (also in 1967) when my mother wanted a new car, I suggested they test drive a Citroen because she hated (what she considered) the rough suspension on every car they had tried.
My father refused to consider even a test drive. He said "I already have one Edsel that I can't get parts for. I don't need another."

All those Hummer, Saab, and Saturn owners don't know what they are in for.
But I do.
Today is November 20, 1959 for them, except it is a half century later.

Wonder how many Hummers and Saturns will be around in 2059.
Which 5-10 year old children of today will see them as collectible cars in 2059 and drool?
With all the computer chips and computer systems, will any of those cars even survive 16 years?
I can't see how they would. The internet has given us great support groupings, on a level never possible in 1960. But the parts that make those cars run seem too proprietarily fragile compared to our basic carbs and trannies.

Wednesday, July 08, 2009


Our batting average for finding the proper car for Troy is getting abysmal. Even though, we are not giving up. Finding the proper car does not always mean just writing a large check for what you want. Even with a small budget to work with at this time this is doable. We did it before with the 320i falling in our lap, well, two 320i's falling in our lap.

So this week it was down to Monticello for what we thought was a decent Opel GT. I should have known better then to trust just one photo as this was a good parts car, maybe, with Leno money, a restoration project but that isn't going to happen for us right now.

The craigslist photo, looks good.

The driver side photos I took when I inspected it.

Amazingly it did run and if someone wanted a good parts car this is it. The glass and most of the interior was there. A running engine and what we suspect is a ok transmission means someone could continue on a project if they had a good body. But the body on this one was just too much to deal with right now. Not with a Opel, rust is not kind to them. It may look like it has just a little bondo but if you felt around you would know there was well over a inch in some places. Pop Rivets galore on every fender and inner fender, doors, and well, everywhere.

Oh well, we will continue to swing for the fence and see if we can hit one out.