Tuesday, June 09, 2009

The Weekend Is Over

Damn it.

After a long Thursday night and getting home late I went into work on Friday and pounded out a few jobs. Then around noon I went home to grab the Camaro and head back in with Cecil and his 55' Chevy. I ran back to the shop and meet him there and knew I was going back home for the 60'. I gave the starter a whirl and I can tell all my driving this summer had put a hurt on the Starter Solenoid. It was finally not happy with me and with a warm engine it wouldn't turn the Starter over. Oh, I knew it would happen eventually. I put a low buck 3510ms starter on the BBC and not a Gear Reduction starter which can handle a high compression engine.

So, off to get the 60 and we where still into QSL early enough. A bunch of Beers all day long then slow down so I could still make it home. At final count there where 200+ cars that where at QSL at one time and I am sure more then that came and went threw the day. I also got the chance to meet a fellow shop owner and auto technician. Victor, who was doing the entire Power Tour and resides in Virginia. We talked shop and cars for awhile and I had a chance to look over his 86' El Camino. Very cool car. Later that evening a few other friends stopped by and we talked and toured the cars. By 11pm I was done. Climbed back into the truck and cruised home to grab some sleep before doing it all over again Saturday.

Pictures are from Thursday still. Camera was forgotten on the desk, these images are from Amigo2k, Ryan, who is apart of the Wisconsin Car Collector website and who I finally meet face to face at QSL Friday.


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