Friday, June 05, 2009

QSL, Power Tour, June 4th

First day of the adventures for the weekend. Drove the Camaro into Quaker Steak and Lube at about 5pm. I am glad I got there early as the lot filled up fast and by 7pm you where stuck in the rear of the place.

Meet up with a friend from another Auto Forum and talked cars for a few hours. Also meet the owner of Prairie Land Towing and had a great time talking cars and business with him. Spent some time around the Ring Brothers "Razor" and "Reactor" cars that they built and talked shop. Good times.

Top to bottom, the Razor from Ring Brothers. Mikey's Challenger, A Bugeye for Troy to drool over, and a old Ford with a Northstar V8 that the owner has for sale.


At 12:16 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wait a minute. Who's Challenger?

At 6:04 AM, Blogger B.j.Ruland said...

Friend from Madison I meet on the MSC Forum. He has a older late 60's Coronet also.

At 11:58 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ok, for a moment there I thought Mike got a set of balls, turned in the Jag, and got a real car.


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