Monday, May 18, 2009

Automotion 09'

Sunday the Wife and I took Brock and William up to Noah's Ark. Not to play in the water but to look at all the cars they had there for Automotion 2009'.

Wonderful selection of cars on hand. Brock was particular to any lifted 4x4 truck with massive mud tires. He loved seeing if the tire was taller then he was and in most cases they where. He also enjoyed finding all the Camaro's and telling me "they are just like yours, Dad."

William enjoyed the food, and lots of it. He is like a garbage disposal, taking in anything and everything and always hungry. He also loved the Fire Truck that let us ride up in the Boom and get this picture.

Great Show. I do miss the show being downtown on the city streets but considering the amount of cars that show up, this is the only place it could be.

Also, one of my favorites happened to be a "Dukes of Hazard" Charger that had a pair of rear tires as bald as a baby's backside. I talked to the owner and he mentioned that Saturday night was a good time in the Dells.


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