Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Enjoyment for Brother Dan

Since he is off on his third tour and I am in charge of keeping the Cobra in the exact shape he left it I figured I might as well show him it is still tucked away in the one of the Top Secret locations for Willie's.

No FFR Cobra's where harmed in the making of these films.


At 9:19 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

ahhhhh, I miss my baby...but anyway, it is difficult to not supercharge it. Everything in me wants to do it, just because I can. So tell me what ya think. With the Weiand 174 3.75" top pulley I will only pull about 4lbs of boost. Now they recomend not blowing an engine with a comp ratio greater than 9.5:1. Mine is of course 10.5 to 1. So with research done, I figured the 4lbs will give me about 12.5 to 13:1 comp. Which as you know will require octane boost, or conversion to E85. Also, detonation factor is going to force me to get retarded. literally. Which requires ignition controller, and boost timing master. I feel as though I can pull this off with the E85, since I would have to get a larger Carb anyhow. upgrade to 750cfm, and have the added benefit of the E85 cooling effect in the chambers. financially it looks like this. blower $2750, Carb $800, MSD BTM $250, and MSD ignition controller $170. Of course none of this is neccesary, but I get a hard on just thinking about it. Anyway, let me know what you think. Thanks for the videos, looks like all is well.

At 4:52 PM, Blogger B.j.Ruland said...

Let's Roll with it. Hell, it is only money, we can make more of it.

With a "Huffer" on top of that motor you would most likely kick my ass in a 1/4 mile drag race. Heck, you would most likely have time to pull over and open a Beer for me. There is always time, perfect 2010 March project for the 2010 summer. You can always wait until you are almost back, look in the bank account, and know how much you have to spend. Remember, you have extra coin now that I got that Wood Stove for the House.

It would also force my hand, I guess I would have to put NOS on mine, or stuff a pair of Turbo's on top with NOS and shot for 1000hp.

This Cold War we have is going to have to become a Shooting War eventually.

At 6:48 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, it will be sick. The big thing is the detonation factor. Pretty much the only thing that worries me. Now that I think about it my comp is only 10:1. Like I was saying, if we tune it down to 4lbs boost, and since it is a stroker, it will always be low rpms, 4500 at the most, I think the Moroso2 will get me to 104 octane, at an additional $.65 a gallon. So the detonation might be kept in check without the MSD add ons...What do you think? Blowing head gaskets doesnt bother me at all, because it is a pretty quick fix and I will just upgrade if needed. The detonation is the only thing scaring me. The outcome will be the 9 second range I would think...high 9s at least. The WOW factor would be through the roof, I know I have never seen one, not in pictures even, I dont hink I have ever heard of one, just the Paxton type on 5.0s, which has no wow factor what so ever. The charger wont come until I get home, because of the required measurements for the street regulations, 3"s from base of windshield thing. But the Scoop, Bumpers, and Shebly stuff is on the way, and I am debating getting the 7.5 qt original Cobra oil pan for $350.


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