Friday, April 24, 2009

68 Ford XL

A unique old car in the shop this week. A 1968 Ford XL convertible with a 428cid V8. It has a laundry list of issues to address that are not going to be finished up at this time. Through the years it looks like many things where patched or taken out leaving a good amount of labor to put it back proper.

Hopefully the sticker shock of what needs to be done doesn't chase the customer away and he gives up on doing anything. The car has a ton of potential and the issues aren't anything major that would keep it from being driven. Just so many odds and ends to fix that once your done you'll have a good 20 hours of work plus parts.

I guess we will see.

On the car hunt the Impala sale fell threw. Mostly on our end for not offering up more then we should have. We could have countered higher then what we originally offered but after much thought we decided we could put that money into many of the cars we have. They all need a little something here and there.

Troy's search for a old car is on hold right now as he has so many other projects going on that he thought it best to wait until he truly can put the time into a project car.

Dan is on a big old Jet headed to Iraq as I type this. After a month of pre-deployment training in Ft. Bliss his unit is now on the move to Iraq. He is sure to have a short layover in Kuwait before heading in. He is doing fine and is looking through catalogs and ordering Cobra parts so he has some fun to do when he gets back.


At 11:35 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, So I have been looking into it some more and found a 750 cfm Edlebrock for $270, and a 4.1" upper pulley ($127) that will bring my max boost down to 4lbs, with the 10:1 comp ratio, the effective compression will be 12.7:1 max, at wide open thottle, so normally I will only be hitting 2-3lbs...I do believe that will be just fine for the Stroker to deal with. Most say that 92 octane will deal with the detonation, but I figured I will be cautious and run the octane boost. I looked into the issue with the crank spacer, and do not think that I will need it, remember the block is the only part that is 1968, the crankshaft is modern. I will probally order the blower sometime in July, and then slap it on during my leave, when I am not fishing...or drinking. So, I may be looking at you though that authentic rear view mirror after all!


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