Monday, February 23, 2009

Long Week

Dad is back from Vegas, broke as usual so I am glad I had a busy week. I keep pace with the work load and managed to help enough on the 55' project to at least give my two cents worth. The Tremec is in, new oil pan and pump are in. All that is left is the details and parts that weren't ordered.

Aside from that Dan is off to Iraq on his third tour. Last Tuesday they had a proper send off ceremony at the Dane County Coliseum. Then Friday night we made sure to give him our own send off which left him looking a little rough Saturday morning when I drove him to Camp Douglas/Volk Airfield.

Another send off there and we said our goodbyes. I managed to break the Power Steering Pump in the TrailBlazer trying to get out of the parking lot. Parked in so I was backing forward and reverse and turning as tight as I could when I felt the steering go tight. So there is a automotive theme to the whole trip and news.

Some pictures from the sendoff.

Ok, how is blowing my horn about my brother even automotive themed. Well, his "job" in Iraq will be driving the Command Staff for the 32nd wherever they want to go whenever they want to go. He will be based in Baghdad and I'm sure to hear more from him compared to his previous two deployments. Not sure yet if it will be Humvee's or Burb's. I guess I'll find out when he gets there.

All right, off to work. There is a 07' Grand Prix with the driver side suspension destroyed just calling my name.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Screw Off week

Yes, I will admit it, next week will be a screw off week. Dad, the real boss, is away to Vegas to piss away the family fortune (all twenty bucks) so I am all alone at the shop.

So what to do, what to do. Well of course, bring in something really fun to work on for the week. Cecil has his 55' Chevy at the shop and if you just didn't glance at the picture you can see it will get a new Transmission. A Tremec 5-speed to be specific. Also, we will be putting a new oil pan and oil pump on the BBC that sits under the hood.

Yes, excellent week indeed. We will also be trying to sneak down to the Chicago Auto Show to check out the new cars coming out. If it works out we will have Dan come with before his deployment begins. Yes, deployment, Dan is ready to go to Iraq for his third tour. This time with the 32nd Infantry Combat Brigade from the Wisconsin National Guard. Very excellent for him. He is motivated and ready to go. More on that next week.

Anyway, I am off to enjoy the weekend and plan on my spending spree for the shop next week since Dad left the checkbook in my hands. I'm thinking new flat screen for the waiting area and a new PC for my office. Ya, that will do just fine.

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

The Groundhog was WRONG!

They claim we have six more weeks of winter. This 99' Pontiac Montana begs to differ.

Top line claims "Starting Coolant Temp 4,633" and the second line is "Starting Idle Air Temp of 4,611"

Oh what a fun start to the day, better get the flip flops out now.