Friday, January 09, 2009

Super Chargers, Swear Words and Friday

This has been the never ending week of hell it seems.

To top the week off parts finally came in for the Suburban I have been working on. At first it looks like a normal 2000 Chevy Suburban 5.3L.

Under the hood though someone had the idea a Whipple Super Charger was needed. Hey, I'm all for making them go fast, faster, and turn like crazy so no problem.

It was here because it had thrown a CE light and flagged some codes. The two codes where P0171 and P0174, both bank 1 Oxygens Sensors staying lean. Quick look at the fuel trims confirmed this and then taking a listen under the hood I knew where the problem lied. The EGR tube going into the passenger side of the intake was leaking causing a big enough vacuum leak to flag codes.

Fair enough, I suspect when the Whipple was installed the tube was "tweaked" a little. Normally this is a straight forward job if the bolts come loose on the exhaust manifold and the head but the Whipple had to be moved so a few new swear words where introduced when things where going back together. I can't complain too much since I haven't the experience with Super Chargers to say this is the best kit or the worst kit. I can say though I would rather had liked to see them put slots in the rear mount for the SC to the passenger side head where the EGR assembly bolts in also. It would have made placing everything back together easier. With the notches you could have just lowered the SC down onto studs, slid the EGR block in place and tighten things down. With this setup bolts are used, four to be exact, two on the head and another two just below the pulley on the SC. Getting everything to line up took some patience. I think at one point I drop a few bombs but overall it went back together and all the skins on the fingers.

After that, put all the SC items back on, fire it up and watch the trim numbers go back to normal. The test drive, it has a TON of extra power compared to a stock 5.3L. You can really feel the boost of the Whipple when you get on the throttle. I would have to say the money spent is worth it for the power added.

Beer o'clock now. It's been a long week


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