Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Shelby, Austin Healeys, Road Trip

I normally stay away from controversial topics in the auto industry because frankly I'd rather not get into a Internet pissing contest but I couldn't pass up this story.

Shelby can't stop suing people, Factory Five is next asks the community for help

Now, I think Shelby has made or did make one of the finest cars in history but his antics threw the years make me sick. It is and always has been "all about me" in his mind. In my opinion. If you look threw his history he has never let the opportunity to sue someone using "Cobra" "Shelby" or anything related. In most cases I would be behind anyone suing someone who is infringing on a trademark or idea but with Carroll, he never stops, never gives up and it always seems to leave carnage in the end and the hobby a little worse off. FFR is building great REPLICAS and not trying to convince anyone it is more then that. After the body which looks like a Cobra the comparisons stop there.

There, rant over. On happier fronts we are taking a road trip this weekend to Oshkosh and will look over a 64' Austin Healey Sprite for Troy. This should be a good time because our road trips are always a adventure and some type of trouble will ensue.

Now, maybe once we get the Austin we put a Cobra emblem on it and maybe Carroll will sue us.. :)


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