Saturday, January 24, 2009

Angry Whoppers need not aply

Our Saturday adventure went as expected. The Austin was parked outside, in two feet of drifted snow....

No, we really didn't expect that.

Back up a few moments. We where early and decided to stop at Burger King and threw down some quick chow which just meant we started joking about the Angry Whopper. Sorry, it just sounds wrong to say it, as in cover the kids ears wrong.

After food we did stop at a few UHaul's to check for a trailer only to find they wouldn't allow one if a Chevy Blazer was towing. Fair enough, it is a light duty small SUV but thinking we could stuff a Austin in the back of a 12x6 without a issue we thought it was worth a shot. No, we didn't take a trailer with. I'd rather not look like I am ready to buy something by having a trailer along. We can always take another day to go get the car anyway and considering what we saw, that was a good idea.

Now to the car.

It didn't run, it didn't turn over, it was generally solid. As in frozen to the ground solid. Dan went to work chipping the ice away and shoveling snow which revealed just fender rust and lower valance rust beneath the doors. Troy started snapping pictures which we haven't downloaded yet and talking with the owner. I went for the look over. The underneath (what I could see) was in amazingly good shape. The trunk had not a spot of rust in it and just surface underneath. Engine bay was gritty and greasy but rust free. Floor pans at the feet where GONE but the upper area was solid. What I could feel and poke at on the unibody frame area was surprisingly solid.

We told him when it thawed we would offer $500. He told us he would think about it but then went on and on about two other Austins he had and the deal we could swing if we wanted a package deal. I bit on it and told him to get some pictures together and let us see what he had. I had to wonder how many cars he did have, there was a 80's Corvette with a busted window stuffed between two old fridges. A Malibu that looks like it was fresh off a episode of COPS and a Chevy Truck that seemed ok but was plowed in. I didn't dare ask what was in the garage.

Not sure if seeing 7 cops drive by in 20 minutes was a good thing or not. I need to check google maps and see if a station was nearby. Wait...what? No I don't.

What we could gather the young man worked at a salvage yard somewhere in the Oshkosh area. I didn't catch the full name he threw at me but I'm going to do some searching to figure it out. He also went on and on about other cars he had, but where no where to be found on his property. We also gathered he got the Austins because a buddy wrecked his Camaro that was way faster then the Corvette. Well, no surprise since the Corvette was buried in snow.

Oh well, a solid adventure (some portions left out to protect the innocent) and on the ride home the discussion progressed to looking harder to find the right car while we wait for pictures and a reply to our offer. This one wasn't going anywhere soon, heck, spring isn't for another 90 days and then it will be buried in mud. There where a few out of state cars we found on craigslist, ebay and autotrader that looked much better and maybe even running that would be a better deal.

If anything, we did solve a few issues. We have a new TV show idea. Three brothers pile in a truck and go to find a project car, along the way the cameras capture everything, this of course would air on HBO. Also, The Angry Whopper at Burger King is the greatest marketing idea ever made. Again, portions of the story left out to protect the innocent but I did think about asking the wife if she would be up for a Angry Whopper later that night since the car wasn't coming home with us today.

She said "No, just give me the regular Happy Meal"


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