Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Present from GM

GM Performance to offer 2010 Camaro Body for us racers.

I think I just died and went to heaven. If there was ever a way to get a Bowtie enthusiast excited this would be it. Some way, some how I will have a 2010 Camaro. This may be the hot ticket.

Credit for the story to Jalopnik.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Troy's Updated List

As promised, the updated list is below with a few new names. Hope everyone has a Merry Christmas :)

Pete, 55' 550 Porsche Spyder (replica)
BJ, Late 70's Porsche 911
Dad, Avanti
Mike, Gremlin X
Dan, 65 Daytona Coupe (replica)
Cecil, 65 Dodge Dart GT
Shawn, Porsche 914 (4 converted to 6)
Hosko, 86 Corvette, Cheap (Inside joke, if you follow the blog you'll know it)
Voss, Opel GT
Steve, BMW 2002, 70's era

Friday, December 19, 2008

Morning Snow

This was the fun I woke up to this morning. A wonderful 9-12 inches of snow wind blown across the driveway. It looks like the wife is parked for the day. I am not sending the Impala out in this. Kids have no school so they will be happy. The TrailBlazer will be a bear in this snow, even with 4x4 I haven't the ground clearance, yet, to drive threw snow like this without problems. Should be a interesting drive to the shop.

I didn't know whether I should laugh, cry or complain when I walked outside at 6 a.m. Looks like a long day for everyone. Stay safe!

Otherwise, a few more cars for Troys list, I'll update it over the weekend in case a few more come in today. I'm sure people will be stopping up to gossip at the shop since everything else in the world will be closed today.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Polling Data needed

With the excitement of a employed Troy setting in the next question came up.

"What if the AMX can't be had and the Vintage racing idea doesn't take off."

Even if we get into the Vintage racing that still leaves Troy without a summer car to drive. Well, then on to another project choice since Troy is determined to have a summer car for his enjoyment. Which I can understand since when we do go on a cruise and Troy drives the Apache or Bimmer he has to say "It's my brother's Truck" or "My brother and I own it". He also wants to learn more about how cars work and what it takes to build one. His mornings will be relatively open to be here to work also.

So, I threw a poll up on the Chalk board at the shop and the results so far.

If it looks like gibberish this is the list. The question is being first given to those that frequent the shop for the BS sessions or close friends and family. If you'd like to add one to the list, feel free too.

Pete, 55' 550 Porsche Spyder (replica)
BJ, Late 70's Porsche 911
Dad, Avanti
Mike, Gremlin X
Dan, 65 Daytona Coupe (replica)
Cecil, 65 Dodge Dart GT

Of course there will be more opinions but the list looks surprisingly "Troy" and fits his personality well. As more are added, I'll keep everyone posted. If one is actually chosen, your sure to see it here!

Monday, December 08, 2008

A future technician

My future technician in training. Brock has taken a real liking to everything automotive. William, my oldest, has some interest but not like Brock does. Here he is helping me change the oil on Moms Impala. He wanted in on everything. Checking the tires, getting the oil, the filter, topping off the fluids. He cleaned the windows and wiped of the lights and tails.

Maybe we will go three generations up here.

Friday, December 05, 2008

Congratulations to my Brother Troy

Congratulations Troy, I am proud of you.

Troy accepted a posistion with the UW Madison. How can this be automotive related since that is the theme of the blog? Well the official description is "Program Assistant Supervisor with the Department of Transportation TDM at the University". I'm not even going to try and describe what the job entails since it is a lot. I do know part of it is overseeing the Safe Night programs for the University, parking structures, and marketing related to safety and transportation with the University.

So, again, Congratulations Troy, it was a long seven months home and looking, you never gave up, never surrendered but now the fun begins.

Either a 69' AMX Build or a Vintage Race Car..........

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Funny Picture of the Day

This may be older then dirt but it was the first I had seen it. I couldn't help but laugh since it reminded me of my two boys and the carnage that ensues whenever they are outside. I'm sure in about 10 years I'll have plenty of fenders and bumpers to replace and projects to do.

As for projects, we actually have a few brewing. No details yet since the direction we go will hinge on what we decide.

Maybe a Christmas surprise to post, we will see.