Monday, November 24, 2008

"Proud of your TrailBlazer for the first time"

That was the quote from my younger brother opening day of the Gun Deer season.

We had bagged three doe on our hillside and my youngest brother went down to get my Dad's Chevy Pickup. We have four wheeler trails going all over the farm and they are generally wide enough for trucks. He drove Dads truck up, got it stuck, this is about a 30 degree grade to drive up. He turned at a turn around area. I jumped in and slid it into a tree and hung it up over a downed tree. Now it was really stuck.

My Trailvoy was the only 4x4 available to pull it off. Everyone was in agreement that I was just going to get stuck coming up. I had been kind of mean to the Big Blue Beast the past few weeks since when we had used it to shine deer at night it was sliding around, greasy, and bottomed out to easy. I also managed to munch a running board on a log but I never got stuck. This was all on flat ground. So the consensus was I was screwed trying this.

I drove the four wheeler down, fired up Big Blue and threw it in 4LO and climbed up the hill like it was nothing. Then proceeded to make the turn and start up a steeper grade, about 35. Once up my brothers both said they where amazed. I backed down, threw the chain around the hitch, hooked to Dad and popped him out like I was yanking my doodle. Once out my brother shook his head and said.

"For the first time I am actually proud of that TrailBlazer."

I have a few battle scars to buff out from branches and such, more dirt and rocks underneath and a new found respect for Big Blue. Next up though will be a suspension lift, I've been digging rocks and mud out today. That and some new skins, the Cooper Discoverer A/T's are just about worn out also. A part of me had been thinking of finding a 90-92 full size Blazer for the woods but to hell with that, I'll sink the money in Big Blue and run circles around everyone. 141,000 miles and still running strong

Friday, November 14, 2008

NSN Motorsports

If you looked in the links the past day you may have noticed a new one. Steve, the owner of NSN Motorsports is starting up a blog to share his knowledge.

I've known Steve for a few years threw Madison Sports Car Club at first and then doing some small jobs for him on his Mazda's. Now he is running Bimmers in SCCA if memory serves me correctly so if your wandering around here go wander over there also and learn a thing or two.


Thursday, November 13, 2008

Pontiac Tempest for almost a 1/4million?

Ya. I first read of this in my technicians network, iATN. A 63' Pontiac Tempest on ebay going for crazy money. It turns out it is a really rare Pontiac.

ebay ad for Pontiac Tempest

Just crazy,

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Buy this Car, please

C'mon, you know you've always wanted a Corvette. A friend is selling his 86' Corvette on craiglist so I am giving the sale some space here. I doubt it will help at all but since it has been a slow month for me on the blog this is as good as it gets for awhile ;)

the ad on craigslist.

It is a solid Vette. He has keep it garaged since buying it and has keep up the maintenance and anytime a repair was needed he was on it. I've done the work on the car and it runs well, is a joy to drive and would be in my garage but my wife would shot me on the spot.

C'mon, I know you want a Vette.