Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Lamborghini in a Basement

I first read about this in Jalopnik.com and since then it has spread like wild fire across automotive pages on the net.

The story goes, Ken watched Cannonball Run in 1985, feel in love with the Countach and set off on a journey to hand build his own Countach. In the end he had to knock his basement wall out to remove the car from the basement, where it was built.

I can't do justice to any of this story or those written all ready so go to Ken's personal website and read all about a man and his dream to build the car of his dreams. Oh, and he is a Wisconsin native which was nice to read. That means there is a good chance I'll get to see this car in the future. I sure hope Ken hits some car shows around Southern Wisconsin!


Well done, Ken, well done.


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