Friday, September 26, 2008

Family Cruise

We finally managed to get all the family out for a cruise this week. It also was the maiden voyage for the Cobra.

We headed out to the Whippoorwill Bar on Hwy. 19 and had a few beers and supper. From left to right. Troy took the 60', Dan and the Cobra, I took my Camaro, Dad had the Edsel out and Cecil, a friend of ours tagged along with his 55 Chevy.

It was a ton of fun, the wife and kids along with mom rode shotgun and my oldest son managed to beat me in Darts. I'll blame it on the Beer.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Prize Fight

The Prize fight for "King of Willie's" is brewing. In the Blue Corner, weighing in at a stout 3500lbs(est.) , running a 525HP 454 MPFI BBC is the reigning champion, my 69 Camaro.

The Challenger in the Gun Metal Grey Corner, weighing in at a light 2000lbs(est.) ,running a 400HP 347 Carbureted SBF. Dan's 65 FFR Cobra.

The "Fight" will occur once we have the bugs worked out of Dan's car and it has been driven and inspected properly. All Horsepower numbers are still estimates until we get into Performance Engine and Machine in Middleton and have both cars properly chassis dynoed.

So, the challenge has been thrown down by Dan, he wants to unseat the Champ and become the fastest car coming out of Willie's Repair.

We will see.....

Friday, September 12, 2008

Why I love my job

People wonder why I am passionate about cars. Why I enjoy working on them so much. It's because of cars like this and the people that own them.

"Make it run right, drive it all you want, let me know when your done."


Tuesday, September 02, 2008

White trailer

It's white.

Total time from start to finish was about 15 hours. We used a Urethane primer and paint on the trailer and also had a aluminum prep that we applied before the primer. Thankfully Troy was around both days and was a huge help. Without him I doubt I know I wouldn't have had it done in two days time.

Dad was my ladder man when I applied the white. All weekend my wife was ribbing me thinking the white in my goatee was more gray hair. I kindly reminded her she hadn't driven me insane put that much gray on my face.

The mask held up well until the very end when I started getting one side plugged up. Of course I decided to press on instead of doing the correct thing and cleaning it.

Man where my arms tired after that paint job.