Sunday, July 27, 2008

Mazomanie Car Show

The Mazomanie FunDayz Car and Bike show was Saturday from 2pm until 6pm. I believe there where about 30 cars total and 30 bikes. A vast majority from Mazomanie and Black Earth. I did notice late a Impala that had Michigan plates. I never got a chance to walk down and find out if it actually was from Michigan. I was a little to busy making sure the Beer didn't get cold. It looked like a vintage plate anyway. Regardless, there where a few people that made a long drive out to the first ever car show downtown and that was nice to see. A good mix of Mopars, Fords and Chevy's with only two Imports and they where Euro, our BMW and a VW.

This show has huge potential. They only used and filled the main street for the cars, the bikes where off to the side in a parking lot and there was plenty of food stands and a nice beer garden that Ray from RJ's Saloon put up. Hopefully next year they use some of the other side streets that head towards RJ's and also to Parkin Inn. It could double the area and allow a lot of cars which I would expect to see if word gets out sooner that it is going on.

Don't get me wrong though, I'm not trying to take anything away from what they pulled off yesterday. It was a great show. For the amount of people that put it together and it turned out so well is really awesome. No matter the changes I will be taking all four vehicles, and hopefully more, down next year.

The car judging was a little unique but it was mentioned to me they are going to makes some changes in the future. The top three vote getting cars won trophies and anyone there could vote. Rick Henn, from Mazo, with his 66' El'Camino took third. Reynolds, from Black Earth, with his 55' Chevy took second. In first was a car I've pictured here, Cecil Roberts and his 55' Chevy had the most votes. The look on his face was priceless. He didn't expect to win anything but everyone in town knows Cecil and they know he put a lot of effort this winter into getting the 55 fixed up the way he wanted it. It was funny, he mentioned to me "that's two trophies, the heck with putting the headliner in." All I could tell him was. "People don't look up!"

The Edsel, Apache, and Camaro all took about the same amount of votes and we where somewhere in the top ten. The Edsel had a lot of attention and I took some time to talk to some people who where interested in it. Dan spent a good amount of time talking to people about it also.

Overall, great day, can't wait til next year.


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