Tuesday, June 17, 2008

So close to done

The Edsel is so close to being done you can feel it. We only have the front seat to finish up and the radio to install along with a gauge pack for the oil, temp, and volt gauges and we are on the road.

This week, for Father's Day, Troy, Dan and I all chipped in and bought Dad a reproduction hood ornament to complete the restoration. Jerry Lasseigne, who we have bought many parts from so far, still had one ornament left thankfully and he shipped it off quickly to us.

Other news on the Edsel. We have had it running and are taking care of getting it tuned just right and also trying to find our dipstick since we lost it. Thankfully the Yahoo Edsel group I am apart of gave me the proper total capacity of the transmission, the length of the dipstick, and the refill procedure so we can make our own and be sure we are on the spot with the trans fluid.

Now we just both need to pay Troy who wrote the check and make him happy and all is well in the world :)


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