Wednesday, June 18, 2008

E85, Camaro, Power Tour

Last week the Power Tour went through Mazomanie. Everyone that knows me knows I was really stoked to see this and was going to take the day off and enjoy the cars as they travelled through town. We did, and set up shop at Gordon's Restaurant in Mazo. A few other guys from town stopped up also and we sat for a few hours watching some of the most gorgeous cars built roll through town. Traffic was horrible that day also since the Interstate system from Lacrosse to Madison was closed due to all the flooding in the area thanks to 10-15 inches of rain over the last week.

After a few hours of watching we decided to join in the fun. That was when the adventure began. We headed out and hit some traffic in Cross Plains which caused the Camaro to start running a little to hot for my blood. We stopped at Weavers and talked with Rick for awhile and I realized the relay for my coolant fan had shut down. Quick fix and I was on the road again. As we hit Middleton we realized the traffic problem was a monster that had taken over the city and decided to stop at Quaker Steak and Lube for some cold ones. After a little while we headed back out and the car was still running warm in cruise which I thought was funny. As we where about to hit traffic, which was at a stand still on the belt line I felt something "not right" with the car and decided the hell with it, this isn't going to end well so we turned back. Going home, the car really started losing power and I could tell we had a fuel issue. Running way lean that would explain the hot running engine also. I limped it home and now found the source of the issue. A plugged fuel filter that I have installed just after the line comes out of the tank and before the fuel pump.

Converting to E85, a older tank, and a long run where apart of cause. I'm guessing this problem was marginal before the switch because I did have a issue on a run the QSL and literally thought I ran out of gas. I thought my gauge was malfunctioning. Now I know my filter may have started to plug then, and the E85 broke loose any varnish in the tank and put the filter on it's death bed.

We did head back into Madison with the '60 and the Bimmer that Friday night and had a good time, so the night wasn't lost. I am sticking with the E85. I knew going into this experiment I would run into issue but that is half the fun of doing hot rodding. Build it, Beat it, Break it, then figure out how to build it better.


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