Friday, June 27, 2008

Edsel on the Road!

And wow, does that motor have some get-up-and-go with 4:10's in the rear end!

So, Sept 5th 2005 until June 27th 2008 the Edsel was indoors being thrashed on. 1700 hours of labor later and this is where we are at.

Is it finished? 100%? No, there are odds and ends to attend too but dang it, it's ready for a trip to Hyde!

It's Alive!

At 3:15 pm June 26th the Cobra sprang to life!. It took some repair work to some of the design and ideas for the fuel system. Then fixing a few oil leaks as we brought the engine up to pressure but once those where squared away a few snaps of the throttle and the little 347 fired off. It sounded really nice with just straight headers and settled in just fine. We ran it about five minutes at 2000 rpm to start and found a few other leaks to attend too. Today Dan is fixing those leaks so we can start it up and break the engine in properly.

Dad received his padding for the front seat today and has been working all morning on putting the padding on and the seat together. He should have it installed later today and I would bet will try to take the Edsel around the parking lot once or twice.

Me, I have been bouncing back and forth between work and helping them when they need it.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Cobra work for June

Dan is getting closer every day. We are a item or two away from firing the engine off and almost ready for paint on the body. Still waiting on the rims for the Cobra. Jegs has them back ordered or whatever. Dan has been climbing up their tail side to get them delivered. The interior is also almost done now. A few items here and there but for the most part, functional.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

E85, Camaro, Power Tour

Last week the Power Tour went through Mazomanie. Everyone that knows me knows I was really stoked to see this and was going to take the day off and enjoy the cars as they travelled through town. We did, and set up shop at Gordon's Restaurant in Mazo. A few other guys from town stopped up also and we sat for a few hours watching some of the most gorgeous cars built roll through town. Traffic was horrible that day also since the Interstate system from Lacrosse to Madison was closed due to all the flooding in the area thanks to 10-15 inches of rain over the last week.

After a few hours of watching we decided to join in the fun. That was when the adventure began. We headed out and hit some traffic in Cross Plains which caused the Camaro to start running a little to hot for my blood. We stopped at Weavers and talked with Rick for awhile and I realized the relay for my coolant fan had shut down. Quick fix and I was on the road again. As we hit Middleton we realized the traffic problem was a monster that had taken over the city and decided to stop at Quaker Steak and Lube for some cold ones. After a little while we headed back out and the car was still running warm in cruise which I thought was funny. As we where about to hit traffic, which was at a stand still on the belt line I felt something "not right" with the car and decided the hell with it, this isn't going to end well so we turned back. Going home, the car really started losing power and I could tell we had a fuel issue. Running way lean that would explain the hot running engine also. I limped it home and now found the source of the issue. A plugged fuel filter that I have installed just after the line comes out of the tank and before the fuel pump.

Converting to E85, a older tank, and a long run where apart of cause. I'm guessing this problem was marginal before the switch because I did have a issue on a run the QSL and literally thought I ran out of gas. I thought my gauge was malfunctioning. Now I know my filter may have started to plug then, and the E85 broke loose any varnish in the tank and put the filter on it's death bed.

We did head back into Madison with the '60 and the Bimmer that Friday night and had a good time, so the night wasn't lost. I am sticking with the E85. I knew going into this experiment I would run into issue but that is half the fun of doing hot rodding. Build it, Beat it, Break it, then figure out how to build it better.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

So close to done

The Edsel is so close to being done you can feel it. We only have the front seat to finish up and the radio to install along with a gauge pack for the oil, temp, and volt gauges and we are on the road.

This week, for Father's Day, Troy, Dan and I all chipped in and bought Dad a reproduction hood ornament to complete the restoration. Jerry Lasseigne, who we have bought many parts from so far, still had one ornament left thankfully and he shipped it off quickly to us.

Other news on the Edsel. We have had it running and are taking care of getting it tuned just right and also trying to find our dipstick since we lost it. Thankfully the Yahoo Edsel group I am apart of gave me the proper total capacity of the transmission, the length of the dipstick, and the refill procedure so we can make our own and be sure we are on the spot with the trans fluid.

Now we just both need to pay Troy who wrote the check and make him happy and all is well in the world :)

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Projects update

Edsel. Well, we have the exhaust installed, carpet finished, and are still working on the front seat and the electrical. The front seat was in rough shape and we really should have started sooner on it but oh well, lesson learned. Once we get some padding for the front and do some strengthening to the frame everything should move faster. Dad has spent a few days on details, lights again, starting and charging and the ignition. We found out the coil we got for it is no good, so off to get another.

Cobra. Dan is going crazy and in the last month has caught himself up. All he is waiting for is the rims and some odds and ends to show up. He has the electrical squared away, most of the interior laid out and waiting and the body ready to paint and primer. It won't be too long now. Again, waiting on parts.

Camaro. The E85 conversion is going well. A couple of mix tanks of %50 E85 and %50 93 octane and I didn't notice much. A good full fresh E85 tank and some tweaking to the fuel trims and ignition and the car really feels like it has come to life. I hope to score a G0force meter or something similar to do some runs with E85 and then some with gas and see which gives me better power.

Other then that, busy at the shop. Troy is putting miles on the BMW and it is holding up amazingly well, just using a little oil (more then it should) but it is holding together. For some reason it just won't die. We have had a few old radiator hoses burst and the engine go hot fast, but it just won't die. Got to love those German cars. Also, a cool thing happened this past weekend. BMW scored it's first F1 victory as a manufacturer. Cooooool.

The power tour is fast approaching and I am really stoked for Friday. I don't think I will get much done that morning and really don't think I'll be home early that night :)