Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Young Jedi Apprentice

The Force is strong in this one, I can feel it. ;)

Troy has finally moved back to Wisconsin and starting to settle in at the farm. Last week Dad and I dragged the Bimmer out of storage and assessed what it would need to be road worthy. A whole bunch of ebaying for items we need and it looks like it shouldn't take long to get going again.

So here is Troy tearing the old K-tronic fuel injection off the little four cylinder engine and getting it ready for a carb intake with a Weber 32/36 on top. He did really well for being thrown to the wolves and having to wrench on a bimmer starting out. Nothing is easy or designed well in my opinion on the K-tronic so I was impressed he had things torn apart with minimal swearing and blood lose from smacking his arms and hands on everything.

Nice to have my racing partner back and maybe in a year or so we will be back on the track again. So many things going on personally right now for both of us we agreed the racing will be there when we get things settled on the home front with me working on building a house and Troy just back, looking for a job and possibly a house in the future.


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