Friday, May 02, 2008

Waking the Dead

Troy should be rolling in late Sunday night or Monday so I have been getting the 320i ready for him. Things didn't go well trying to wake the old beast up. Water pump is fubar so that is on order. Then after getting it fired off the fuel pump to a monumental dump and is junk. Sooooo, back to the shop with it on a tow-bar and then online to see what I can scare up. I have been thinking about tearing the junk K-tronic mechanical fuel injection off for awhile and looked up a carb intake on e-bay. The car gods decided to shine back down on me because a seller in Madison had a "buy it now" on the very intake I was looking for at a price I couldn't pass up, $25. Now, to just find a carb and some linkage and we will be in business.

As for Thursday night at the Lube. It was pretty low key. Maybe a dozen cars in all showed up since it did look like it was going to rain which it in fact did. Once they handed out the "best of show" plague the Trophy Whores got in their cars and trucks and took off. Some owners hung around for a few beers and watched it rain off and on. The 60' didn't mind a little rain so we did the same.


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