Thursday, May 22, 2008

Edsel Exhaust

It's finally here. The exhaust for the Edsel showed up by way of UPS around lunch. Looks as though we will be working on getting it installed today and tomorrow. As Memorial Day fast approaches it looks as though we will miss another deadline set for having the Edsel on the road. I've now penciled July 4th as the "must be done" date. Hopefully sooner.

The Exhaust, well built, very clean welds and quality metal used to make it. Only one little modification that will need to occur. The fitment from the Y-pipe to the muffler needs to be enlarged ever so slightly so the muffler will slide on properly. Nothing to get upset about, this is common on exhaust systems. For the price we paid I am very pleased. Again, it was built by and sold by Waldon's Exhaust. Check them out, I'm sure happy.


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