Monday, May 12, 2008

320i Alive

It took the better part of last week and this morning but the little 320i is alive and kicking! Since Dad is still working on the Edsel and waiting on the last parts and Dan is working on the Cobra Troy and I managed to get the little bimmer back on the road. A intake manifold of a 70's BMW 2002. A Holley Carb that is similar to the Weber 32/36 and a whole bunch of trips to the parts store for little items and it is back going again.

We also threw some racing stripes on the roof to cover some paint damage that occurred in storage. When I stuck it away I left the magnets that had our Autocross numbers printed on them on the roof. When I took the covers off and attempted to peal the magnets off the paint pealed with it. Dang silver paint never did seem to work. I had a similar issue with the 60' but that was due to moisture getting on the hood. I know I should have known better. I've seen this issue with silver on other cars in the past so shame on me.

We still have a few bad spots on the roof but TD Signs and Graphics in Black Earth is making some stickers with the shop blog written on them that I can put there to cover the damage. Once they are on it will be tough to tell a problem occurred.

Runs so dang nice with this new setup I might have to go autocrossing again :)


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