Thursday, May 29, 2008

$2.08 to ruin a radio

It only takes .25$ to kill a stereo in a 1999 Pontiac Montana but this one had $2.08 worth of change in it. The customer complaint was the stereo stopped working and the remote side door would no longer work. A quick check of the fuses and I found the 10 amp radio fuse burned up. I installed a in line amp tester and found 18 amps running in the circuit. Something was pulling to much amperage. I went to the door switch on the side first and unplugged it. No change. Then I checked under the passenger carpet which is a common place for the wires to break or short out. They where fine. So I pulled the dash panel off and pulled the radio out. That was when the radio came to life for a short moment and then went off and some magic smoke whiffed out so I knew I found the source of the radio not working and the side door inoperative (they both are on the radio fuse if your wondering why I looked at the side door) and figured it odd a radio just died. GM doesn't have that many problems with stereo systems.

I took the radio all the way out by unplugging the two electrical connectors and the antenna and then I knew what happened. I could shake the radio and here the change bouncing around. I guessed a $1.50 but was off some. Once I had the face of the radio off I could see a burn mark in the radio and found the quarter that shorted everything out. It even had that nice fried wire smell inside.

So.....a new radio and everything will be fine. At least he will save $2.08 on the cost of the radio since I can give that back to him. :)

How did the money get in there? My guess at this time is a small child was trying to put money in the juke box. It's only a guess right now but having two little monsters at home I've seen it before. I think we are on our third DVD player due to Brock trying to stick Army guys in the drive.


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