Sunday, April 13, 2008

Lazy Sunday

The weather still stinks around here. So instead of enjoying the cars, washing, waxing and getting them out to play I'm stuck watching SPEED and racing online with ARCA. Today is one of the few nice days we have had, it's sunny but still cold. Last Saturday I had just enough of a nice day to get the Camaro out and shake it down to see if everything was OK, then wash it up and stuff it back in the garage. Hopefully things dry out enough to get things out next week and maybe go drag the BMW out of the barn and get it ready for Troy's arrival. If he wants to drive it, if not, maybe we can autocross it this year a few times.

On the Edsel front Dad finally had his new carpet and seat covers come from Kanter. Once I get them unpacked I'll throw some pictures up. We are still shooting for May to be finished, it's just a matter of getting enough spare time to get back on the car.

Dan's Cobra is coming along now. He has the engine and drivetrain installed and is starting on the dirty work of hanging brake and fuel lines, electrical, interior and all the other details to bring everything together.


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