Wednesday, April 30, 2008

More Cobra Work

I put in some time on Dan's Cobra the past week while we wait for the exhaust to show on the Edsel and Dad keeps working on little details. On the Cobra, a new Edelbrock Water Pump and a MSD Distributor from Jegs. Dan also has the Rims on order and they should be showing up this week.

Other then that, just waiting for Thursday because Quaker Steak & Lube start up the cruise nights and it will be nice to get the toys out and put some miles on them.

Thursday, April 24, 2008


Each day another step closer. Rims and tires on. As we come to the end of the build of the Edsel I want to remind people of what we started with, and how far we took the car down during the last three years.

Rock on!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Seat progress

We are a little further along with the seats now. With May fast approaching and our work load at the shop increasing we are wondering if the first week of May will be doable. Dad has mentioned that no matter what the car is done by Memorial Day. If anything, it gives my brother Troy who is moving back to Mazomanie from Boston a chance to help finish up the Edsel.

And as promised, pictures of the very unique shifter Dad's Uncle had designed and installed in the Edsel way back in the day. Very functional and still in working condition. I think it will be cleaned up and installed with the only change a chrome handle and cleaner knob on top. If you look closely in the second picture you can see he put a neutral safety switch and made the handle and assembly grease able.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


How do you make a Jaguar better? Put Edsel parts on it.

Karma's a *&^%, she can jump up and kick you when you least expect it. Again, the Jaguar is in the shop. After welding up the exhaust the day it was unloaded my friend finally got to put some miles on the Jaguar. After a few days he wanted a oil leak inspected. No problem. He also gave me a rubber bushing for the rear of the exhaust that had fallen off when it was unloaded. Thankfully he found it. I installed the bushing and cleaned the engine and he returned a few days later so we could inspect it. When he rolled up I noticed the exhaust was much louder again. I asked what was up and he mentioned it had gotten louder. At first I expected that my welding might not have been up to par.

Once on the hoist though I knew the welding was fine. As I raised the hoist with the bonnet (hey, it's British/Indian so it's a bonnet not a hood) I noticed as I stopped to check my arm placement the motor shook back and forth. Odd I thought. Once up I found out what broke the exhaust, a rear transmission mount was very loose because a section of rubber had fallen/broken/rotted out since he had begun to drive it.

Knowing I couldn't or wouldn't be able to source the mount that day I decided to "custom modify" something to make the transmission mount solid again. Looking around I eyed one of the extra body mount bushings Dad had for the Edsel. A few minutes and a extra pair of washers later I had a Jagsel. Part Jaguar, part Edsel. So, even a Jaguar can be improved upon I guess.

After the mount was in, I welded up the new area that was broken and all is well.

Yes the owner is fully aware of the custom modification, yes he thinks it's pretty funny and yes he will be looking to source the proper mount for it in the future. But it's just to cool to not let the world know that Edsel parts fit on Jag's :)

It's Beer O'clock, Be good, have fun.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Edsel seats

As promised, pictures of the old seat in such wonderful condition and the new covers. Kanter hooked us up. No, they are not original covers. No, they don't have the Edsel style to them. We went functional, not original. As I've mentioned before this is a driver and not a show car. It's going to get drinks spilled on it, in it and all over it so keeping the seats and carpet low cost makes sense to Dad and I. I did much the same on the Camaro and 60' and was glad I did. Not a week after I had the Camaro on the road my now three year old managed a stain on the back seat.

I'm sourcing some foam padding for the seats right now. Hopefully I can find it this week locally and we can have these in and ready very soon. Tires are also coming this morning. A set of Cooper's, 215/75/R14 radials. This is about as close to the 8.55 by 14 that my Great Uncle had on the Edsel when it was on the road last.

Last on the list will be the Exhaust then everything is done except the details.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Lazy Sunday

The weather still stinks around here. So instead of enjoying the cars, washing, waxing and getting them out to play I'm stuck watching SPEED and racing online with ARCA. Today is one of the few nice days we have had, it's sunny but still cold. Last Saturday I had just enough of a nice day to get the Camaro out and shake it down to see if everything was OK, then wash it up and stuff it back in the garage. Hopefully things dry out enough to get things out next week and maybe go drag the BMW out of the barn and get it ready for Troy's arrival. If he wants to drive it, if not, maybe we can autocross it this year a few times.

On the Edsel front Dad finally had his new carpet and seat covers come from Kanter. Once I get them unpacked I'll throw some pictures up. We are still shooting for May to be finished, it's just a matter of getting enough spare time to get back on the car.

Dan's Cobra is coming along now. He has the engine and drivetrain installed and is starting on the dirty work of hanging brake and fuel lines, electrical, interior and all the other details to bring everything together.

Thursday, April 03, 2008


Never thought I'd see this day. Jaguar in the shop. 96' XJR 4.0L super charged. A good friend purchased it and had it shipped from New York. Only problem was the transport managed to knock the exhaust off so here I am pictured, welding it back on and putting a new clamp on.

Best part, a few days before it arrived he mentioned that he was pumped about getting a Jaguar because... "Jaguars never break right?" I laughed, wrote his quote on the board, and told him I'll be under that car the week it shows up. The day it arrived I was under it and found not only the exhaust issue but looks like some worn front hub bearings and a few other little items.

God I love being right :)