Friday, March 14, 2008

Spring Break Rush

Dan has about a 10 day window of nothing to do so this should be the time to catch up on many things that haven't been done on the Cobra. It was nice to see two big boxes from FedEx come in this week to give him much of the parts he has been waiting on. Thursday night we finished up rebuilding the rear CV shafts by putting FFR's shorter main shaft in. The boots supplied from FFR didn't work with the aftermarket shafts from Carquest or US Autoforce. Two of our suppliers I get parts from for the shop. In the end I actually had to get a shaft from each since both only had one on hand. The boots didn't work because the two shafts used a CV boot that had lips on the edges to cover the ends of the shaft. Oh well, no biggie. We also needed to step up to 109mm CV boot clamps on the large end to tighten the boot to the shafts and will likely change the smaller clamps because I am not happy with how they fit.

We also finally received the replacement valve spring for the World Product head that came with one faulty valve spring. We where lucky we looked it over when opened the box or we may have missed it then wondered why #1 cylinder wasn't right. Along with the spring we also received 7/16th by 7/16th rocker arm studs. The World Product Head listed they would have both but only shipped with the 3/8th by 7/16th stud.

Dan has been a little frustrated by the screw ups in parts but is learning it is apart of working on and building cars. Parts can come wrong, parts will come wrong, you just hope to avoid it as much as possible by checking and then double checking everything you look up and order. Then hope the guy on the other end of the phone or web is also doing the same thing.

Spring Break for him next week, this should be a good week to catch up on the Cobra. I really hope to have a drivable car by or around the first of April. Drivable being move under it's own power, the body work and placing the shell on the frame will come last so as not to have a fresh coat of paint being leaned on and over by all the looky-loo's up here.


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