Friday, March 07, 2008

March Edsel update

I received a comment in a post below from "Misawa77" so instead of replying below I'll answer the questions here.

Yes, we are still shooting for a May finish on the Edsel. At this point we are waiting on all the interior carpet, seat skins, and padding for the seats from Kanter. Once they are here I'll go to work on the interior and have that finished up. With 57 days left before we would like it finished we will be pushing hard to get done. May 3rd is a special date, it will mark the 25th year of business for Willie's Repair. I can't believe it has been that long since Dad first opened the door. We plan on having a party on the 10th which marks the actual day he started working. He opened on May 3rd and promptly took the day off for the opening of Trout season.

What is left on the Edsel? Interior, clean and paint the rims, mount and balance new tires, exhaust from the engine back and then odds and ends with fuel lines, putting a proper floor shifter for the automatic in. We would have redone the Tele-touch but would rather not since it can be tricky and we'd rather not have a issue with it if someone else happens to get in for a drive. Also, getting the brakes bleed, electrical gremlins that are bound to pop up and a quick test drive. Not much really when you think about it. Once the interior arrives things will go fast.

During the renovation we left the data plate in place, covered it with tape then trimmed the tape around the edges. There wasn't any body work needed in the area so it was a matter of just sanding and getting the area ready for paint. It wasn't to hard to work around it, just taking our time not to damage or scuff it up. It went very easy since we had the doors off for repair and paint. We choose this route so we wouldn't have a issue with putting rivets back in or loss the dang thing. ;)

In the future I'll throw up some pics of the other projects we have done, or have. The Metropolitan is actually due next to be restored. It was restored in 90' by Dad and he drove the heck out of it up until about 2002 when the clutch, column three speed and brakes gave him issues. We didn't attack them then because we looked the car over and realized it was really in need of some structural work, new paint and interior work so we decided then to finish up my Camaro and bring it in. Then the Edsel was pushed ahead of it so the little Met was put off. It now sits in the barn under cover patiently waiting it's turn in the shop.

Thanks for the comments and questions, I hope I answered them and if anyone has a question feel free to drop me a line or comment. I'm more then happy to answer them.

Off to work!


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